Struggling with health issues — including breathing difficulties, insomnia, mild hypothyroidism, and anxiety about both my health and responsibilities as a caregiver — I came to Christine desperate to work on long-standing issues contributing to the problems. I couldn’t work deeply on these issues alone and needed an experienced practitioner with a gift for working with stress and trauma held in the body and the skill to address the roots, rather than the symptoms, of the problem.

That’s exactly what Christine so beautifully delivered! In just a few sessions, she helped me unburden traumatic stressors that had been affecting me for decades. Her skill with EFT and other healing modalities is truly outstanding. She’s very insightful, conscientious, and focused in how she works. I trust her integrity and highly recommend her to anyone seeking deep and gratifying change.

Lynea Diaz-Hagan – California

As someone who has worked with several EFT practitioners, I am impressed with Christine’s knowledge, intuition, kindness, and how she is able to incorporate lightness and humor. Sessions with her are actually fun! Christine gently keeps me focused on the issue at hand when my mind wanders. Her calm confidence fosters immediate trust – I feel I am in great hands.

She has taken me from complete overwhelm and anxiety to ease and peace in a matter of minutes. I credit her with releasing my biggest and most irrational fear – one I had been working on for years (and with many other practitioners) with little to no progress. Christine is truly a wonderful practitioner – you will not regret prioritizing your physical and emotional wellbeing and working with her!

Sabrina Kisch – Georgia

I was drawn to Christine because she specializes in health issues. In the course of our work together many other issues came forward which she handled with ease. Christine has a calmness about her that engenders confidence and allowed me to speak freely about everything, which consequently allowed me to clear all of it. I looked forward to every session with her. Christine is an expert facilitator and I highly recommend her services.

Janice Williams – California

Christine is extremely professional, has a wonderful caring presence, and a deep understanding of how to access and release whatever may be keeping you stuck through her multi-modal wellness practice. I had heard about EFT Tapping and dabbled in acupressure on my own, but had never tried either before with a practitioner 1:1. My experience working with Christine was transformative. Even before our session together, her detailed intake questionnaire helped me begin to identify the root causes of some of the emotions that were making me feel stuck physically. During our session, through her gentle and insightful questions and prompts, I was able to safely and gently access those emotions and begin to work through them, which in turn helped with the physical symptoms. If you are feeling stuck in your healing journey or in life generally, Christine is an incredible resource to help you unstick whatever is holding you back!

Katie R. – Colorado

I’ve been hearing for years about EFT, EMDR, Tapping and related techniques for overcoming difficult emotions. But I’ve always been skeptical, thinking I’d rather go in and do the deep work myself. But some trauma-based emotions are just lodged in there. My first session with Christine, she taught me some simple techniques that did actually give me almost immediate relief. And I learned a new skill I can use to disengage the old default reactions I’m not even aware of. She is gentle, calm and reassuring in her manner, and I would highly recommend that you get in touch with her to explore whether she might be able to help you as well. 5 stars!

Katherine R.

These have been deep, transformative sessions. I have released many negative emotions, thoughts, and limiting beliefs that no longer serve me. Working with Christine I have gained confidence and balance. She leaves no stone unturned and makes you feel safe throughout the session. I recommend her work to anyone willing to transform a negative situation into real personal growth.

Marta Bonilla – Spain

Christine is amazing! Not only is she highly skilled in EFT, she is intuitive and knew how to create a safe space as I processed difficult emotions.

Beverly C. – Arizona