Schedule an acupressure session

All new clients are asked to electronically sign an informed consent/client agreement form and fill out an online intake form before the first session. This process gives you a clear understanding of the nature of the work and gives me a good understanding of your situation.

Click the link to view the client agreement form (no signature required on this page). If you have questions, I’m happy to discuss them with you. You can either set up a phone call or email your question to

If you’re comfortable with the above information, please fill out the contact form below. (Then continue reading below the form.)

What happens after I submit the form?

You’ll get an email asking you to confirm your email address. You’ll need to click on the box that says “Confirm your email” before any other information can be sent.

If you don’t see anything in your inbox within 24 hours, please check your email’s junk, spam, and promotions folders. If nothing is there, contact

What happens after I confirm my email address?

You’ll receive a second email with the following:

  • the link to fill out the online intake form
  • information about signing the client agreement form electronically
  • the link to schedule and pay for your initial session.

If you don’t see this email in your inbox within 24 hours of confirming your email address, please check your junk, spam, and promotions folders.

Contact if the email doesn’t come through for some reason or if you have any questions or concerns about scheduling.