Working Together

We’ll use an approach that gently yet effectively helps increase your system’s capacity for self-healing and forward momentum.

This approach combines:

  • evidence-based mind-body-energy modalities (Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT tapping) and/or acupressure),
  • instruction in practical strategies rooted in the neuroscience of change, and
  • targeted coaching/creative problem solving if needed to deal with specific real-life challenges you may have.

During our sessions, you will:

  • find and shift underlying issues that may be contributing to your unresolved problem so you can help your body stay in a state of self-healing and self-repair,
  • discover how to deal with anxious or distracting mind chatter quickly so you can operate with calm, focused energy no matter where you are,
  • be guided through processes to neutralize the emotional charge on painful memories or triggering comments so you can stop avoiding the people you love,
  • learn tools that help “rewire” your brain and calm your nervous system so you can gain the perspective and clarity needed to make different choices for your life with ease.

Let’s Talk

If you’re truly ready to move forward and feel like you’ve gotten as far as you can on your own, I’d love to talk with you.

Contact me today to schedule a free 20 minute consultation call. We can discuss any questions you may have and see if your needs and my services are a good fit. There are no obligations or strings attached.

My wish for you is lasting change. If you’re willing to take the journey with me and do your part, I’m here to guide you in making that happen.

Let’s do this.