About Christine McDevitt

EFT tapping practitioner | acupressure | integrative health | Philadelphia, PA

I specialize in helping motivated adults with persistent health issues gain traction on their healing, recovery, or wellness journeys when they’re doing all the “right” things and still feel stuck.

As an occupational therapist, I’ve spent over 25 years teaching people practical ways to engage in their daily activities again when they’re dealing with physical or mental health challenges or the aftermath of traumatic life events.

I noticed that some clients got stuck in their recovery process even though they were doing everything their providers told them to do.

Stuck took different forms: unexplained symptoms (including pain and fatigue), feeling trapped by emotional patterns or triggers, an inability to break unwanted habits despite a strong desire to do so.

Many times, standard medical care and counseling weren’t enough to get those clients over the hump, and they continued to suffer.

Then I had my own health issue. All medical tests were normal, yet my symptoms were severe. Despite my best efforts, recommended treatments and therapies had little to no effect.

This experience led me to search for a better solution. As a result, I discovered powerful, evidence-based, complementary methods to address underlying issues that can affect healing and wellness. These methods targeted the missing pieces that kept me stuck with my own health puzzle.

I’ve since trained in and incorporated these methods into my work so I can help my clients move forward in their own journeys.

The body-mind has an amazing capacity for self-healing under the right conditions. I help my clients set the stage for those conditions to emerge by combining evidence-based methods, neuroscience principles, and practical strategies to promote optimal performance and well-being.

My practice is based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. I work virtually with clients locally, across the country, and around the world.


Master’s degree in Occupational Therapy with active licenses in Pennsylvania and New Jersey and additional training in trauma-informed care

Accredited, Certified EFT practitioner with EFT International

Certification in Clinical EFT through EFT Universe – trained by Dawson Church, a leading researcher in the field

Clinical Acupressure Certification through Soul Lightening International